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Young Lover Message (from Drive-In Movie Ads)

Category: Drive-In Movie Ads
Title: Young Lover Message (from Drive-In Movie Ads)
Length- :26
Sound: Yes (enhanced)
Description: A short musical (no announcer) animated text with colorful background warning young lovers that public demonstrations of affection will not be tolerated in the theater, signed by the Manager (killjoy). I added a fade in and out and remixed the audio.

This clip is from a compilation of drive-in intermission films found here on Internet Archives in the Drive-In Movie Ads section. Most are color but there are a few black & whites because of their quality or uniqueness.
PLEASE NOTE: These clips have been modified from the originals. They have been carefully cropped to remove excess black frame while preserving as much of the actual image as possible. I've adjusted the brightness/contrast, and color correction to the best of my ability. Magenta tinted films were especially difficult. These clips are also louder than the originals. Volume has been increased. In some cases the audio track was separated and remixed in an audio editor to enhance the sound. The enhanced audio files are available for upload if requested.
Rudy C. Granados

Run time :26
Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: Cliff Taylor - - February 13, 2015
Subject: Not a killjoy
Maybe he just cares for the little ones a bit more than the exhibitionist freaks running the entertainment media today.

Rating: 6 stars
Reviewer: Victor Von Psychotron - - February 6, 2013
Subject: Fun music
A fun message and music. Joe Bob Briggs, king of drive-ins, said that you must decide if you're going to a drive-in for the movie or for carnal activity before you get there, and that the movie is often far more interesting.
Reviewer: GRANAMEDIA - - November 12, 2011
Subject: Re: Spelling Correction?
Thank you. To answer your question, yes. Sort of. The mispelling -could- be covered with the correct text but would still be visible underneath. And to match the new text in brightness, color and especially movement, while not impossible would be time consuming and in the end obvious to the viewer.
Reviewer: James Vipond - - November 8, 2011
Subject: Spelling correction?
Rudy, you do a very good job restoring these intermission clips. In this particular clip, can you correct "effect" to "affect"? I realize that it may not be possible.
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on 11/6/2011
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